Wen Generator Review

Last Update: February 13, 2023
Wen Generator Review

This is our Wen Generator Review in 2023.

WEN generators have a stellar reputation for quality and reliability.

Their distinctive black and orange coloring make them easy to spot and provide convenient, on-the-go power for any electric device.

An inverter generator is an excellent investment in a power outage caused by a hurricane, wildfire, storm or any other form of artificial or natural disaster.

There are a wide variety of locations where having a generator might be helpful, including camping, construction sites, homes, and small businesses. Investing in one is a sensible step toward being better prepared for unexpected events. But in the meantime, it's a fun diversion.

WEN has a wide range of models that can meet needs from the most basic to the most complex.

According to our WEN generator reviews, we've identified the top models in a wide range of categories, suitable for any task, no matter how big or small. 

To aid you in making an informed purchase, we've detailed the features and characteristics of each model.

Our Best Wen Generator

7  Best Wen Generator Reviewed

WEN is a fantastic brand to think about purchasing an inverter generator from. There are many different models to choose from, so you should be able to find one that works for you. 

The inverter generators made by WEN are the best of all worlds: they are economical and of superior quality. They work great as a backup power source or for camping, tailgating, or any other outdoor activity.

n many people's opinions, the WEN 56200i inverter generator is the most capable alternative to the Yamaha EF2000is. This generator shares a lot of mechanical components with Yamaha's, and it operates with a comparable degree of smoothness. 

Wen's 2,000-watt inverter generator is a versatile workhorse that won't keep you up at night with its low noise level. The generator has a surge capacity of 2,000 watts and a constant capacity of 1,600 watts, which should be sufficient for a small set of tools or electronics. It's an inverter generator, so it won't damage your computer or phone if you use it.

This generator lasts only around six hours at 50% load, and it can operate for up to 9.4 hours at a load of 25% from its 1-gallon fuel tank. For most people, this is fine, but if you need longer runtimes, you might want to look at Wen's competitors in this size class. It is more likely that the one-gallon gasoline tank is to blame for the limited runtime than inefficient engine design.

The 56200i emits only 50-55 dB of noise, which is typical for generators of this size and kind that use inverter technology. Running the generator in such proximity to neighbors or a calm outdoor setting like a campsite is made much easier by the low noise level.

The generator's outlet setup is straightforward. There are two standard 120-volt outlets, a USB charging port, and a 12-volt DC battery charger. If you overload an outlet, you will need to turn off the generator as there is no breaker.

This generator has a substantial top-side carry handle and weighs only 48 pounds, making it very portable. Because it lacks wheels, it could not be practical to transport over large distances. Keep in mind that the height and width of the generator may limit its storage options.

Why is it different?
  • Power inverter, CARB Compliant.
  • Calm, with a decibel reading of less than 55.
  • USB charging port included.
  • A warranty that lasts for two years.
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Six hours of operation time at 50% load
  • Having no resetting switches for circuit breakers
  • Extreme height can make it difficult to store.

Compact and reasonably priced, this conventional generator offers a new aesthetic option for consumers shopping for portable power. Instead of going with the more common generator design for the 2,350-watt generator class, which can make it relatively difficult to carry by one person, Wen chose a steel frame with no single carry handle. Its steel frame protects the generator and isn't too heavy to load into a car.

However, the generator's output is low, coming in at a meager 2,350 watts during surge operation and 1,900 watts during regular operation, making it one of the smallest in the 2,000-watt class. However, it has enough juice to power many low-powered appliances, and its 7-hour runtime at 50% load is longer than many of its rivals.

There are only a couple of 120-volt outlets and one 12-volt DC outlet on the generator. It's easy to plug in any standard appliance. However, that may prevent its use with a recreational vehicle.

The volume of noise this generator creates is surprisingly high, given its compact size. The generator has a noise level of 51 dB at 25% load, which is slightly lower than the noise levels of the larger Wen 56352 and DF4675T generators.

This power plant, however, is quite reasonably priced. It's hard to find a more robust and lasting generator for the price if you can get beyond the cumbersome portability of this one. In addition, Wen provides a two-year warranty, which is exceptional for such a low-priced generator.

Why is it different?
  • Inexpensive.
  • CARB Compliant.
  • Duration of 7 hours at 50% load.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • The design is cumbersome to transport.
  • There are only 2,350 watts of emergency power.

WEN 56380i can produce 3800W during peak load and 3400W continuously when operating on 120V. The likes of compact air conditioners, microwaves, and even some chest freezers may be powered by this amount of energy. It has one of the greatest torque ratings for a generator of its size thanks to its 4-stroke, 212cc OHV motor. Constant use is possible without issue, although refueling every 6-8 hours is necessary.

In case of power outages at home or when camping, this inverter generator is a good option to look into. A 30-Amp RV plug is included, making it a great choice for recreational vehicles.

If you operate a food truck, you'll likely need more power than a single WEN inverter generator can provide. Luckily, connecting multiple generators together is as simple as plugging them into a WEN GNA50i 50-Amp 6000-Watt Parallel Connection Kit.

This generator has an extremely low noise level of just 57 dB. It's actually around the low 60s dB in conservation mode and up to 72 dB in full mode.

Two and a half gallons is the maximum capacity of the gasoline tank. According to the manual, it will last for roughly 8 hours at half load and 4 hours at full load at 120V before refueling is required. 

Why is it different?
  • RV-ready.
  • More energy production for the money.
  • Duration of 8 hours at 50% load.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Gets quite noisy when subjected to heavy levels of power.
  • Extreme height can make it difficult to store as its heavy.

There are a few inverter generators with 4000W of power available. 

Inverter generators with 4,000 watts of electricity are ideal for use in recreational vehicles and as backup power sources in homes in the event of a power failure. When it comes to portability, the fact that this generator is both light and easy to move around is wonderful. Additionally, the noise level is surprisingly low for a generator with an open frame.

This inverter generator is one of the more powerful ones available, with a peak output of 4,000 watts (surge) and a running output of 3,500 watts (rated). It combines all of the benefits that come with the use of inverter technology, including electricity that is clean and has a low THD rating. An efficiency mode that reduces noise and fuel consumption and a parallel kit lets you increase your power output by utilizing two WEN GN400i generators.

The WEN GN400i, except for its fantastic inverter, exhibits a general propensity toward performance and specifications that are above average. The 212cc, OHV, 4-stroke engine is another feature that belies the reasonable cost. This cutting-edge power plant satisfies the emission requirements set forth by both the EPA and the CARB. 

The WEN GN400i is not the finest performer when it comes to fuel economy by any stretch of the imagination. The 1.85-gallon gas tank allows for a runtime of 7 hours at 50% of the rated load, making the WEN a more thirsty machine than the majority of its competitors.

The noise levels are substantially lower than what would be expected from an open-frame 4,000W generator, even though this is not an enclosed silent inverter generator. 

It will operate at 67dBA when loaded to 25% capacity. The absence of the electric starter results in an extremely light weight of only 66.1 LBS, which is an advantage. This also helps to reduce the overall cost of production, making this one of the more affordable inverter generators available.

You can access multiple power outlets, including a TT-30R 120V 30A RV outlet, two 5V USB ports, and two AC receptacles with 120V and 20A of current. The AC outlets have overload protection in the form of a circuit breaker. 

There is no display for the generator's voltage output, runtime, or any other digital gizmos typically seen on a contemporary generator. For a generator of this price, the warranty coverage of two years is more than sufficient. 

Why is it different?
  • CARB Compliant.
  • More energy production 4000W of power.
  • Duration of 7 hours at 50% load.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Noisy (67dBA).

This enormous generator, which can be powered by either gasoline or diesel, is one of the few things that Wen sells that has a power range that extends all the way from 4,000 to 10,000 watts. 

During a power outage, it can power everything you want to keep running in your home or act as a single generator for a larger outside event. It has exactly the right amount of juice. Because it has a surge capacity of 4,750 watts and a running capacity of 3,800 watts, it provides the right amount of power to keep everything in your house operational in the event the power goes out.

This generator, like the 56352 model, has a fuel tank that holds four gallons and an 11-hour runtime while only operating at 50% capacity. Compared to the smaller engine found in model 56352, this generator's 224cc, four-stroke, overhead cam (OHV) engine offers an even higher efficiency level thanks to its higher power output.

In addition to that, you may fuel this generator with propane. Compared to when the vehicle was being powered by gasoline, the power output of the vehicle will remain constant for up to seven hours when using a typical propane tank weighing 20 pounds.

In terms of the amount of noise it produces, the generator is comparable to the 56352 model, which is smaller. This generator makes 68 decibels of noise while working at 25% load, which is still quite loud but roughly equivalent to the level produced by the smaller generator. In addition, the weight of this generator is practically identical to its more compact relative, even though it has a larger set of wheels designed to avoid flattening on rough terrain.

It features a recoil and an electric starter; however, using the electric starter means the battery must be charged frequently. This variant is identical to the 56352, except for a primary breaker switch that resets all the outlets at once. You can't overstate the usefulness of this extra. To be clear, the DF475T does not have an LED display like the 56352.

Why is it different?
  • CARB Compliant.
  • A peak surge power of 4,750 watts.
  • Good Dual fuel generator with electric start.
  • 11 hours of runtime on fuel when loaded to 50% capacity.
  • The switch for the main breaker.
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Lacking an LED display and being extremely large.
  • Its quite loud.

Consider this extremely powerful generator if you're looking for a cheap and portable alternative to a backup generator that can power your entire home during a power outage. The generator is among the most powerful portable generators on the market today, with a surge output of 11,000 watts and an operating output of 8,300 watts.

The generator consumes gasoline, as one might think, but not at an excessive rate. If you're powering your entire home with the generator, you'll need to replenish it approximately once a day because the eight-gallon fuel tank will only last for about eight hours at 50% load.

Wen outfitted the generator with many outlets, including four regular 120-volt outlets, a standard 30-amp 120-volt/240-volt outlet, and a heavy-duty 50-amp 240-volt twist-lock outlet, so that it could handle heavy use. Every plug has its reset button, and the generator's primary breaker can be toggled without shutting down the engine.

Assume that you won't transport this generator very frequently or far. Keep in mind that even with the pneumatic wheels, you will need a lot of people to move it due to its obscenely heavy weight of 213.8 pounds. Even with as many as four people helping, the generator is too heavy to easily lift up or down flights of stairs. On the other hand, adding the handle kit is helpful for portability.

As with any WEN product, this generator is covered by a two-year guarantee and supported by a helpful customer service hotline and service professionals across the country.

Why is it different?
  • CARB Compliant.
  • A surge capacity of 11,000 watts.
  • Having four of the standard 120-volt plugs.
  • Equipped with a 50-amp, 240-volt plug
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Weighing in @ 213.8 pounds.
  • Only an 8-hour runtime at 50% load

The WEN 56475 generator is an efficient machine that can be used on a construction site or in the garden thanks to its 4750w of surge power and 3750w of operating power.

There's a wheel unit included, and it's easy to put together. The two carry handles and sturdy wheels make it convenient to move from place to place and store away.

Turning it on is a breeze after it has been built and oiled up. The electric start with a single button guarantees reliable ignition every time.

Change the oil in your WEN generator on a regular basis, as is the case with all generators. This variant includes a digital readout to remind you of important dates and times, such as when to do routine maintenance.

Our favorite function is how well this WEN generator copes with unexpected input.

It can supply energy to several devices at once, making it ideal for use in the workplace, at play, or in the home.

It is capable of operating a wide variety of power tools, including Mig welders, air compressors, table saws, and portable air conditioners.

There are enough plugs and ports to keep everything running smoothly.

It is also capable of running your refrigerator, freezer, television, computer, a few lights, and even a tiny air conditioner in the event of a blackout. 

There are various fail-safes built into the 56475 generator. Overload and low-oil shutoffs are two examples of this. In addition, it contains an automatic voltage regulator that keeps power pure and reliable. When camping in a national park or forest, you'll likely need a Spark Arrestor to keep the volume of your generator to a minimum. The WEN checks both boxes, and it does so while producing less noise than its competitors. The massive, automobile-style sound muffler that is built into its design is mostly responsible for this.

It can run for 10 hours on a single tank of gas, which is sufficient for half-load operation. It satisfies all requirements of the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency's Rule 111 nationwide.

A remarkable piece of equipment and one that should be in every house, especially those in areas prone to blackouts.

Why is it different?
  • Electric-keyless ignition.
  • Predictive maintenance is easier with a digital readout.
  • Comes with a complete set of wheels.
  • A voltage regulator with automatic adjustment
Which drawbacks should you be aware of?
  • Expect an oil change every 25 hours of operation.
  • From our experience with WEN generators, this is not the quietest model.

Features of WEN Generators

Most WEN Generators are CARB-compliant. Also, WEN inverter generators are ultra-lightweight and silent.

However, there are some considerations that should be made before shopping for a new generator to ensure you choose the one that is the greatest fit for your needs.


Each model of generator has a different wattage rating.

For starters, there's the surge power, often known as the peak or startup power.

It's the bigger of the two numbers since it specifies the power output of the generator at startup. As the motor's speed rises, this current soon drops.

Running or rated power is the steady state. How many the generator can power appliances is directly proportional to the wattage at which the generator runs continually.

An integrated circuit breaker prevents damage to the motor in the event of overload.


One of our featured generators is dual fuel, meaning it can easily switch between gasoline and propane.

Because a generator's fuel economy determines how long it can run on a single tank, it's important to think about how big and full the tank is.


It's reassuring to know that in the event of a power loss, the noise from the generator won't completely drown out normal conversation and TV.

Most WEN generators are much less noisy than their nearest, more expensive competitors, as their decibel levels are displayed.


Generators can be found in sizes as small as 35 pounds and as light as 50 pounds, making them convenient to move and store.

If not standard equipment, a wheel kit is usually sold as an accessory for some of the more potent versions. Strong handles and rubber tires make it considerably simpler to move a heavy generator, such as one weighing more than 100 pounds.

 CARB standards

Electricity can be produced from fossil fuels using a generator. Unwanted and potentially hazardous to air quality, these emissions are produced by any equipment performing this function.

In the 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board enacted regulations to control the emissions from power plants.

If you're planning on using your generator in California, you should know that all WEN models comply with standards for producing clean, high-quality electricity.

More sensitive electronics can be safely powered by clean energy.


The generator you pick must have enough outlets and the correct voltage to run all of your electronics.

Depending on your needs, you can switch between 120v and 240v on some models.

Precautionary Measures

Safety elements must always be included in any industrial machinery. Overload protection, low-oil shutoff and indicator, and voltage regulators are all helpful features.


Our WEN generator reviews include products with 1-touch Eco-mode controls. In response to changes in load, the genny instantly calculates the optimal amount of fuel to use. This saves you money and gas and keeps your machine running smoothly for longer.

FAQ about WEN Generators

Which electronics can be powered by the WEN Inverter Generator?

A WEN inverter generator can power your fridge in an emergency while leaving some juice for your lights and phones.

Several common home appliances can run at once without a hitch in a normal setting. Many electric tools can be used without another operator present.

This inverter generator unit can only handle up to 2800 watts of power, so you'll want to make sure your tools stay within that before you turn them on.

Is there anything the WEN Generator can't power?

Although the WEN generator is quieter than its competitors, it cannot generate enough electricity to run your water heater.

It also can't handle the surge wattage required to power an air conditioner with 15000 BTUs. In addition, the WEN Generator needs to be increased for simultaneously operating heavy-duty power tools.

Parallel operation of multiple inverter generators is an option for powering heavy machinery.


Any homeowner, business, or contractor needing a cost-effective, dependable, and easily transportable power source would be wise to invest in a WEN inverter generator. 

There is a WEN inverter generator that will work for you thanks to its flexible power options. WEN portable inverter generators are a viable option for home use in the event of a blackout and portability when you need power away from home.

The WEN 56200i is our favorite WEN generator.

The WEN 56200i is our top pick since it is so versatile. Because of its portability and quiet operation, it is perfect for outdoor events like camping and tailgating. Easy battery or device charging is provided via the included USB port and 12-volt DC outlet.

In terms of WEN generator quality, that's the greatest. Find the right one for you, we say!