Predator vs Honda Generator

Last Update: February 13, 2023
Predator vs Honda Generator

This blog post is our comparison of Predator vs Honda Generator.

In 2020, approximately two million people lost electricity after Tropical Storm Isaias ravaged the East Coast. After the hurricane, power was down for over a week in some areas.

Since most of us work or go to school from home, losing power during the day is a significant problem. Thankfully, emergency generators keep us going even when the power goes out.

Regarding portable generators, the Predator 3500 and the Honda EU3000IS are two of the most trusted options on the market. Both are "inverter kinds" and deliver strong performance in various scenarios.

But which should you buy? Honda or a Predator 3500 Inverter Generator? The actual explanation is more convoluted than you might imagine.

Look at the Predator 3500 and the Honda EU3000IS, two visually identical models that cater to quite different price points. 

To determine which is superior, let's take a deeper look at their features and specifications.

Predator vs Honda Generator: Introduction

Honda Generators

At eleven Honda factories across the globe, including one in Swepsonville, North Carolina, called Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC.  Honda's generator line is optimized for use with a transfer switch, so you can swiftly and simply provide electricity for your home's essential electronics and appliances.

They have numerous applications, including boating, camping, and tailgating. It's been my experience that Predator generators perform similarly to Honda generators.

Predator Generators

Harbor Freight (Manufacturer of Predator Generators) Tools is an American firm that has been selling tools and supplies online since its founding in 1977.  

The Predator generator, as well as the Predator engine are two of the many items that can be purchased from Harbor Freight Tools under the company's "white label" house brand name.

Noise level: 50–57 dBA

Start type: Recoil, electric

Fuel tank: 3.4 gal.

Run time: 20 hrs (1/4 load)

Warranty: 3-year limited

Noise level: 57 dBA

Start type: Electric

Fuel tank:  2.6 gal.

Run time: 11hrs (1/4 load)

Warranty: 2-year limited on engine, 90-day limited on other parts

Predator vs Honda Generator Comparison

 Predator vs Honda Generator: Comparison

As with Honda and predator, all inverter generators are accountable for generating exceptionally clean power. Also, these two generators have fuel efficiency as one of their primary design considerations.

There are a few key differences that can drive your purchase of the best generator.

Let's dive in. 

1. Analyzing Brands

In recent years, both Honda and Predator have put considerable effort into producing inverter generators.

Honda Generators 

When it comes to portable generators and engines in general, Honda is a household name. If properly cared for, Honda generators may endure for decades, and anyone who has one will attest to the reliability of the brand. Honda's generators are also among the quietest on the market, giving the company another edge.

Predator Generators

Even Predator doesn't have as lengthy of a track record as Honda does. It has nonetheless won the respect of dedicated power users. 

In recent years, both Honda and Predator have put considerable effort into producing inverter generators. But Honda has gone further; the business now also sells an inverter generator that can produce 7,000 watts, called the EU7000iS. Standard generators with outputs greater than 3,500 watts fall under the "Predator" category.

Winner in Brands Category: Honda Generators

Honda is a trusted name in engines & portable generators. Since 1965, the firm has drastically extended & improved its generator lineup.

2. Generator Power

A generator's output power is expressed in watts. The smallest generators are 1800-watt models. More appliances can be run at once with more wattage, but this comes at a higher cost in terms of both fuel and money.

Predator 3500

This generator can provide 3,500 surge watts in addition to its 3,000 operating watts. It packs a lot of punch for domestic use. A 3000-watt generator will do the job admirably for a large home with multiple electronics and appliances.

Honda EU3000is 

This Honda generator provides 2,800 watts of continuous power and 3,100 watts of surge power (for starting a vehicle, for example). There is enough money here to pay for things like freezers, air conditioners, and furnaces. On a construction site, it can run everything except the heaviest machinery, like welding machines.

Winner in Generator Power Category: Predator 3500

When comparing size and strength, Predator wins hands out. A difference of 200 watts is not huge, but it is still noticeable.

3. Noise Level (The Decibel Scale)

Traditional generators have a reputation for being extremely loud. Thank goodness, today's models have much-reduced noise levels. However, they are still not completely silent. In the end, it's just a piece of machinery.

Portable generators that have a decibel level that falls somewhere between 50 and 65 are generally considered to be acceptable. The lower the rating, the more muffled the sound produced by the unit.

Predator Generators 

At a minimum power consumption of 25%, this model has a rating of 57db for its noise level. The Predator generators are exceptionally quiet, which is something that can be expected from an inverter generator.

Honda Generators 

At a load level of 25%, the noise level is rated at 49 dB. This level is lower in volume than a typical conversation between two people, indicating that it is somewhat quiet.

The decibel level of the noise increases to 58 when it is operated to its maximum capacity.

Winner in Low Noise Level Category: Honda Generators

Honda made a quiet generator for home and camping use. Even at 100% power, the noise level is decent.

4. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

THD is a measurement of the level of quality in the electricity that is produced by a generator. The quantity of total harmonic distortion (THD) has a significant impact on how your appliances react to the generator.

When you were looking at the many models of generators, you might have come across the term "clean electricity." This is referring to a lower total harmonic distortion of the alternating current (AC) wave as well as the power of the generator to produce a phase that is smoother and less square, also known as "cleaner."

A lower THD is typically associated with inverter generators like the ones we are contrasting, which is a desirable quality. 

Predator 3500 Inverter

This particular model has a THD that is less than 5%, which is considered to be rather satisfactory for an inverter generator. Because it generates a sine wave that is pure, you won't have to worry about damaging sensitive devices if you plug them into its AC outlets.

Honda EU3000is

A THD rating of less than 3% is achieved by the Honda. The criterion for the power to be considered "clean" is set at a maximum of 3% total harmonic distortion. The Honda EU3000is really stands out when compared to the majority of inverter generators, which have a THD that ranges between 5% and 6%.

Winner in Total Harmonic Distortion Category: Honda EU3000is

When electrical power is pure, electrical devices are less likely to be damaged. There isn't a huge gap, but once again, Its noteworthy.

5. Reliability and Warranty

A home generator is reliable if it meets certain criteria. Look for a generator that meets your needs in terms of quality, durability, ease of use, and lifespan. It's always pleasant to have a few extras on hand, especially if they simplify your life.

Predator 3500

The generator's "heart" is protected from damage by tough housing. The tough exterior provides reasonable defense against the weather.

The digital control panel allows for convenient monitoring of power generation via oil, overload, and output light indicators.

Honda EU3000is 

Honda has been making generators for a long time and is one of the most well-known companies in the world. This type of the company's generator, like their previous offerings, is built from sturdy steel.

The item has a built-in fuel gauge that displays your remaining fuel level. There's also a CO Minder feature that detects rising CO levels and turns off the appliance immediately.

The generator that Honda sells comes with a three-year warranty that covers all of the component parts. Although Harbor Freight only provides a guarantee on its generator for a period of ninety days, the company will replace emissions components for a period of two years if the recommended maintenance program is followed.  

Winner in Reliability and Warranty Category: Honda EU3000is

When electrical power is pure, electrical devices are less likely to be damaged. There isn't a huge gap, but once again, Its noteworthy.

6. Portability

While generators can weigh up to 250 pounds, better versions have features that make them easier to transport, transfer, or store. 

Predator 3500

This generator weighs about 99 pounds, which is quite light. It also has a simple grip on each end that helps distribute the weight between two people carrying it. The device also has smooth-rolling rollers, allowing you to move it around your home without carrying it.

Honda EU3000is

The Honda EU3000is is heavier because of its larger fuel tank and steel frame. It weighs 134 pounds, which is significantly more than the Predator model.

It's also disappointing since this model lacks rolling casters or wheels. If you want one, which you most certainly do, you must buy it individually.

Winner in Portability Category: Predator 3500

Predator 3500 is supreme in terms of portability. Aside from being much lighter, we enjoy that it has rolling casters and handles.

7. Fuel Tank Size

The Honda EU3000is and Predator 3500 are powered by gasoline, just like the vast majority of other types of emergency generators. The availability of this fuel is not difficult to come by, with the obvious exception of times when there is an impending storm, and people rush to get it.

Predator 3500 

This particular type can hold up to 2.6 gallons of fuel. Considering that you are only utilizing 25% of the generator's power capacity, this gives you a run duration of 11 hours.

Honda EU3000is

The fuel tank on the Honda EU3000is can hold up to 3.4 gallons of gasoline. Continuous power can be supplied for 20 hours when operating at 25% load but only for seven hours when operating at full load.

In addition, having a huge tank allows you to store a greater quantity of fuel. Purchasing gasoline will be less of a problem due to this, particularly before and after a storm.

Winner in Fuel Tank Size Category: Honda EU3000is

Honda is, without question, the best in this category. There is a massive time difference of nine hours. A home generator's efficiency and duration of use benefit greatly from having a larger fuel tank.

Complete Countdown

First, let's compare the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator against the Honda and see which one does better in terms of the parameters I outlined above.

  1. 1
    Analyzing Brands: Honda
  2. 2
    Generator Power: Predator
  3. 3
    Noise Level: Honda
  4. 4
    Total Harmonic Distortion: Honda
  5. 5
    Reliability and Warranty: Honda
  6. 6
    Portability: Predator
  7. 7
    Fuel Tank Size: Honda

Overall Winner: Honda Generator

At the 5/7 mark, the Honda EU3000is is in the first place. 

Summary Predator vs Honda Generator

Summary:  Predator vs Honda Generator

The Honda EU3000iS inverter generator is a fantastic choice for those who require a machine that will last longer due to its low fuel consumption and long operating time. Though more expensive initially, its fuel expenditures will be substantially lower over time.

 It's quieter and has fewer refills to worry about, too. Honda has a lot larger reach than Harbor Freight, so locating repair services should be less of a hassle.

Power generator dependability is high, which is crucial. This model's genuine Honda engine is protected by a sturdy steel chassis, making it suitable for use in either indoor or outdoor settings.

We would have considered it an incredible generator if it were less cumbersome and had wheels. Extras like a CO monitor are fantastic bonuses.

The Predator 3500 and the Honda portable generators are both solid choices, but if you have the means, the Honda EU3000is should find a permanent place in your home.