Best 15000 Watt Generator

Last Update: February 13, 2023
Best 15000 Watt Generator

This is our review of the Best 15000 Watt Generator in 2023.

If you are looking for the ideal generator for your home, you should always go for a model with a higher wattage capacity than you believe you will require.

When you are without electricity, a generator with 15,000 watts of capacity can supply you with enough power to keep these appliances operational.

Large recreational vehicles can benefit greatly from the usage of a generator, as can outdoor concerts, games, and other entertainment.

The generators can also be beneficial for mobile offices, construction sites, do-it-yourself projects, and remote welding.

I recommend DuroMax XP15000E as the best 15000 watt generator.

After a lot of investigation, we've compiled a list of the top five 15000 generators. We also specify if the generator meets CARB standards and has EPA certification.

Let’s get started.

Our Best 15000 Watt Generator

5 Best 15000 Watt Generator Reviewed

5 Best 15000 Watt Generator Reviewed

You should utilize a 15,000-watt generator for several reasons. 

The vast majority of them are quite potent and trustworthy whenever you need electricity at home or in the workplace.

A 15,000-watt generator is ideal if you need a reliable power supply, and it's especially important to have one if you live in a region that's prone to natural disasters.

The DuroMax XP10000E generator does not require any sort of introduction, given that it belongs to one of the most well-known brands on this list.


One of the most well-known names in the generator industry, Duromax is renowned for producing robust generators that are purpose-built to withstand the stresses of even the toughest environments.

This generator is at the top of the list not only owing to the brand but also due to the high-quality features that it possesses that will allow it to serve as an excellent home backup power generator.

The Duromax XP10000E will come equipped with a V twin engine that has 713 cc of displacement.


The generator will be able to reach a starting power of 15,000 watts and a running power of 12,000 watts with the assistance of this engine.

Because of this, you will be able to power up air conditioning systems, refrigerators, various high-amperage gadgets, and a great deal more.

The fuel tank will have a capacity of 10.8 gallons, and it will have an operating time of 8.83 hours at 50% load.


If you take a look at the many outlets that are available on the Duromax, you will notice that you have a wide variety of choices to choose from in order to effectively utilize the entire 12,000 watts of running power.

You will have the option of using any one of the following outlets on this generator: 4 120V 20A GFCI outlets, 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet, 1 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet, and 1 120/240V 50A heavy duty outlet for usage with an RV.

The outlet choices on this generator are fairly broad.

You won't have to worry about being able to plug in virtually any appliance or tool to this generator because it comes with such a wide variety of various outlets to pick from.

Decibel Rating

This generator has a decibel rating of 74db at 23 feet, which means that you can use it in your home as long as your neighbors aren't overly sensitive to noise. If you don't have overly sensitive neighbors, you can use this generator.

Things that stand out (features)

The XP10000E is designed to make it simpler and more convenient to transfer the generator over any terrain by providing it with foldable handles and inflatable rubber tires.

Due to the fact that the generator weighs around 349 pounds, this combination is extremely useful for transporting the device from one location to another.

This generator from Duromax comes equipped with the company's MX2 technology, which enables you to extract the greatest amount of power from each of the 120-volt outlets.

In closing, We would like to mention that when you purchase this generator, you will be entitled to a limited warranty of three years, which will ensure that your generator is carefully taken care of.

The A-iPower SUA15000EC is a top-five rated 15000-watt gasoline-powered conventional generator.


A-iPower is one of the less well-known businesses on this list; nonetheless, they have been building a fantastic reputation for itself in the market of generators.

If you've been reading some of my other posts about smaller generators, you may have seen their name a few times because they are quickly becoming a more well-known brand. 


The 680cc overhead camshaft (OHV) twin-cylinder engine that will be installed in the A-iPower SUA15000EC portable generator will be capable of producing 24 horsepower.

The SUA15000EC generator will have an 8-gallon fuel tank, which will let it run for up to 7 hours at 50% load and 5 hours at 100% load.

Because of this, the generator will be able to start with 15,000 watts and run with 12,000 watts, which is the same as the other generators on this list.

This generator is perfect for use as a backup power source in the home because it can power a wide variety of electronics and appliances simultaneously.


When I initially looked at the SUA15000EC, I was quite impressed to see that it had outlets that were covered.

Behind the sturdy plastic, snap-in outlet guards, there are five outlets that enable you to plug in a variety of tools and appliances simultaneously.

You will receive two GFCI outlets that are 120V 20A 5-20R in voltage, one 120V 30A l5-30R outlet, one 120V/240V 30A l14-30R outlet, and one 120/240V 50A L14-50R outlet.

Decibel Rating

Its 680cc engine generates a maximum of 15000 watts of power and a continuous 12000 watts. 

It has a volume of 85 dB at one meter.

Things that stand out (features)

At half load, it can run for up to 7 hours on an 8-gallon gas tank. The 392-pound weight, the included wheels, and the sturdy handles make it convenient to transport.

 The VFT screen shows the input voltage, output frequency, and operating time. A fuel gauge allows the driver to easily keep track of fuel.

The outlet protectors are going to be the feature that stands out the most on this generator since they assist in preventing moisture, dirt, and debris from ruining your generator. This is going to be the most notable feature.

You will also get a four-wheel system to make transporting the generator easy. However, these wheels are not very heavy-duty, so moving them through a job site may necessitate lifting them at some points.

In addition, this generator features an electric start, which is always a desirable addition.

It shuts down automatically when the oil becomes low to prevent harm from overloads. It meets all EPA and CARB standards.

Champion is another big name in the generator business, and its 100111 generator is on this list.

The Champion 100111 is about as good as the DuroMax XP15000EH. Both are 12/15KW medium-duty generators from well-known brands that are made well. 


Champion has been a leader in the industry for many years and makes generators in a wide range of sizes to meet a wide range of needs.  

The Champion is less expensive than the DuroMax, which may make it more appealing to many buyers. Most of their specs are almost the same, but the Champion isn't a dual-fuel generator and doesn't use fuel as efficiently as the DuroMax XP15000EH.  


Champion's tried-and-true 717cc V-twin engine is built into the Champion 100111 generator.

This engine has an electric start that is powered by batteries and can be turned on with the flip of a switch. It helps make 12,000 watts of running power and 15,000 watts of starting power for both business and home use.

The 5.9-gallon fuel tank on this Champion generator should last about 10 hours.  


Champion is known for making great matches between the number of outlets and the amount of power in their generators.

Most generators have a lot of wattage but only a few outlets.

This generator is another example of how Champion knows what outlets people want on their generators.

All of the outlets on the Champion 100111 are protected by plastic covers that snap into place. This is a huge plus, especially on dusty job sites. One 120V 30A locking outlet, one 120/240V 30A locking outlet, one 120/240V 50A outlet, and four 120V 20A GFCI outlets are all covered by these outlet protectors.

Decibel Rating

 It can run for up to ten hours on a single tank of gas and is only 78 decibels loud (if you're 23 feet away).

Things that stand out (features)

 Protected outlets, electric start, foldable handles, built-in wheels, and a volt guard to protect appliances from power surges are the most notable features of this generator.

Champion generators will always be one of the best options for both home and business use. They are made to be strong enough to use on construction sites but simple enough for homeowners to use. This Champion generator is one of my top choices because it has a wide range of outlets, is easy to use, and is simple to move.

The Westinghouse WGen12000 is ranked as the best 15000 generators. It is a traditional portable generator that runs on gasoline.


Westinghouse has been on a lot of my lists because they make some of the best generators on the market. They come in a wide range of power levels.

The Westinghouse 15000 Watt was an easy choice when I was looking at 15kw generators because I have always had good luck with Westinghouse generators.


This Westinghouse generator will have a 713cc Westinghouse V-Twin engine with a cast iron sleeve. This engine will help the generator produce 15,000 starting watts and 12,000 running watts.

Westinghouse's engineers have thoroughly tested their engines to make sure they work best in their generators. They have their own line of engines made just for generators.

With less than 5% THD, this generator's power is clean and safe for electronics. It also has Smart Idle, which lets the engine run at a low speed to save fuel.


Like many of Westinghouse's other portable generators, this one has full GFCI outlets, and protective plastic outlet covers to keep dirt, debris, and water from getting into the outlets.

The WPro12000 generator will have 2 5V USB ports, 4 120V 20A 5-20R outlets, 1 120V 30A L5-30R outlet, 1 120/240V 30A l14-30R outlet, and a 120/240V 50A L14-50R outlet.

Most of these outlets are found on most of the generators on this list, but the two USB ports are a nice change of pace and let you charge smaller devices quickly.

Decibel Rating

The unit makes 74 decibels of noise and can be started easily with a remote control or an electric push button. There is a feature called "smart idle" that saves gas.

Things that stand out (features)

The wheel kit and foldable handles make it easy to move and store, even though it weighs 403 pounds.

A VFT display on the panel shows the voltage, frequency, and runtime in real-time.

Westinghouse is known for making products that stand out, and this generator is no exception. It has covered outlets, an electric start that is easy to use, a digital data center, a full-panel GFCI, wheels, and a handle that makes it easy to move.


The unit is good for the environment because it meets CARB standards and has EPA approval.

The Generac GP15000E is a portable generator that runs on gasoline. It is ranked as the fifth best 15000 watt generator.


Generac Power Systems was founded in 1959 and is situated in the United States, where they produce generators and other electrical equipment.

Generac is a well-known generator maker that has been making some of the biggest standby generators for years.

If you've been looking for a portable generator, you've probably heard of them. They make many different sizes of generators to meet the needs of different customers.


The Generac GP15000E generator with a 992cc engine will give you 15,000 running watts and a very impressive 22,500 starting watts, giving you the most power in its class.

Because this generator has a high starting watt capacity, it can be used with bigger tools and appliances.

It can run for 10 hours at half load on a 16-gallon gas tank and makes 83 dB of noise. This makes current with a THD of more than 20%, which is bad for electronics.


Out of all of the generators included on this list, the Generac GP15000E is the one that has one of the most outlets.

This means that the 15,000 running watts of this generator can be used in many different ways.

When you take a glance at the control panel, you'll notice that the outlets have been organized in a way that makes it simple to connect virtually anything to this generator. This information is readily visible.

It has two 120V 20A common house outlets, two 120V 20A GFCI outlets, two 120V 30A twist lock outlets, one 125/250 30A twist lock outlet, and one 120V 10A DC outlet to charge batteries.

Decibel Rating

Generac does not provide the decibel levels of its products because such information is not standardized.

The EPA has given its approval to the Generac GP15000E, but the CARB has not. Californians can't buy or sell it, and it can't be used in California.

Things that stand out (features)

The generator is very easy to move around and can be put away and taken anywhere. It has wheels and strong handles, and it weighs 373 pounds. Also, it has a fuel gauge that shows when it needs to be refueled.

Idle mode improves fuel efficiency and reduces noise. The panel has a timer, but it doesn't have a multiplier.

It has an automatic voltage regulator and technology that turns it off when the oil level is too low to protect your investment. 

15000 Watt Generator Buying Guide

A generator with 15,000 watts of power is an investment, and it's not a cheap one.

There are a few things you should be aware of before making a purchase of this magnitude.

So that you may make a more educated purchase, we have compiled this brief buyer's guide for a 15,000-watt generator.


The two most common fuels for portable generators are gas and propane.

Most portable generators use gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. Keeping this in mind is essential before buying a generator.

Gas is cheap, readily available, and has a long shelf life when kept. Gasoline can be hard to come by in the aftermath of a natural disaster like a tornado, hurricane, or severe weather.

Propane can be useful in certain situations. Propane generators use the same kind of ordinary propane tanks found in gas barbecues.

Anybody familiar with refueling a gas stove from a propane tank may use them with ease.

Unfortunately, propane has a few drawbacks, including a higher price and a more limited availability compared to gasoline.

Moreover, propane tanks do not feature built-in gauges. Thus it is difficult to ascertain how much propane is left without the use of specialized equipment.

Finally, there are hybrid generators, Green energy solutions.

Most modern hybrid generators have the flexibility to switch between gasoline and propane with the push of a button.

This is an excellent option for individuals who value having a backup fuel source for their generator, both in the event of an emergency and throughout extended periods of use.

Quality in Design

There is a wide range of sizes and power outputs available in portable generators.

Some are designed exclusively for use in a home, while others can withstand the rough conditions of a building site.

Knowing the specifics of where and when you'll be using your generator might help you determine what characteristics are most important.

Most 15,000-watt generators will be more than adequate if you intend to use them solely for home backup power.

It's important to keep a few things in mind while shopping for a generator to use on a construction site or in other dusty environments.

The outlets on a generator designed for a construction site will be protected, and the wheels and frame will be more robust than on a standard model.

Covering your outlets prevents debris, filth, and moisture from entering and causing costly damage to your generator.

The generator's sturdy wheels make it convenient to move across any terrain.

Power generators designed for commercial use typically have a more robust frame and bracing to withstand the rigorous conditions of a construction site.


It's possible that you want to utilize the generator in the convenience of your own home, but perhaps you're also searching for something that can power an RV or keep you fueled up while you're out camping. If such is the case, you need to give some thought to how portable the item is.

No matter how hefty it is, a generator that is equipped with a handle and wheels is far simpler to move around than one that does not have either of those features. It will take you a lot less time to get from point A to point B, and you won't put yourself in as much danger along the way, either.

You should also make it a top priority to choose a model that is both compact and lightweight, as this will make it much easier for you to store it in the trunk of your car or a specific nook in your RV. Having an excessive amount of weight will only result in increased fuel consumption and more costs.

Protective Measures

When doing any kind of task that involves electricity, you want to have a lot of reassurance and peace of mind that everything will go smoothly. 

The very best generators can give you exactly that, as they come equipped with features like surge protection and other safeguards to keep you secure at all times.

In a similar vein, generators that have protected outputs, stronger wires, and protection against reverse polarity are excellent at preventing damage caused by water, dust, and other types of debris. 

Fuel Efficiency

When shopping for a portable generator, fuel efficiency is also crucial.

Generators, like all other types of engines, have efficiency ratings. Generator fuel economy, however, is calculated in hours per tank rather than miles per gallon.

The load on the generator must also be considered.

When you increase your load, you reduce your fuel efficiency. Typically, generators are evaluated at a load of 25% or 50%.

For illustration purposes, let's say a generator with a 10-gallon fuel tank has a 7-hour run time at half load, but the manufacturer advertises it as having a 10-hour run time.

For situations in which the generator will be used for longer than its stated duration, this is a crucial measure.

The length of time it takes for electricity to be restored after a long blackout or a natural disaster is unclear.

You can store enough fuel to last for days if you know how much of a load you are placing on your generator and how long it is supposed to run.

The Decibel Scale

The volume level is crucial for most people, especially those who live in quieter neighborhoods.

It's safe to assume that the larger the generator, the more noise it will make.

For this reason, 15,000-watt generators are the noisiest option available.

Having a generator that is excessively noisy might cause sleep disruptions for your neighbors and be a nuisance in a residential area.

A decibel meter is used to determine the noise level of a generator from a distance of 23 feet.

Most generators of this size produce noise in the 70-80 dB range, which is comparable to that of a standard household vacuum.

Actually, that's not too bad when weighed against what it can do.

Utilizing a generator cover or exhaust system is just two of several options for reducing the noise level produced by your portable generator.

The noise level may not be a problem, though, if you live in a more remote area or if you want to use the generator on a construction site.


You intend to use this generator for many years to come. Therefore you want to preserve it in the best shape possible, right? 

If you plan on not using it unless there is an emergency, then this should not be too difficult; nonetheless, you still need to make sure that it is durable enough to withstand the passage of time.

It will serve you well to choose one that has been constructed using materials that are of good quality, robust, and resistant to corrosion. 

When it comes to protecting the electricity of your home, going the route of the most affordable and hassle-free option is not the best choice; therefore, any discounts that seem too good to be true probably are.

Customer Service

Finally, investigate the generator manufacturer's warranty and support options to ensure your satisfaction with both.

Most generators may operate for years with regular servicing, but having a solid warranty to fall back on in the event of a breakdown is always a good idea.

The typical warranty length for a generator is between one and three years, with some models offering extended coverage for commercial use.

This is because generators experience slightly more wear and tear during commercial use.

Take a look at some customer testimonials to get a sense of the problems and customer support issues that others have had with the organization.

As a customer, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect after reading this.

You can check your coverage in case something goes wrong by reading the warranty online, which is where most warranties are made available.

Companies that stand behind their products with extended guarantees tend to believe in their quality.

Generator Power Levels

Wattage range: 1200-1500

These generators are gas-free and operate in a whisper. They depend on batteries for power most of the time. They can be used to power tiny electronics while camping.

Wattage range: 1500–6000

Inverters are a sort of generator that can quietly power up more devices than traditional power plants. Smaller appliances and possibly an RV can be powered.

Wattage range: 3,000 to 8,500

The power output of this kind is common in portable generators. Furthermore, they are the most common choice for emergency power supply in the event of a power outage. It's no problem for these generators to provide electricity for a recreational vehicle. In this watt range, you'll often find gas generators (or hybrids) on the market.

Power output ranges from 9000 to 20000W+

The most powerful kind of generator is the standby variety. Depending on the type, they can keep you powered for several hours or perhaps a whole day. It's useful not only in homes without access to electricity but also in factories.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have many questions regarding the 15000-watt generator. I have compiled a list of the most common questions for you.

How many watts does a generator need to run a house?

A minimum of 5,000 to 7,000 watts of power is required to run the majority of appliances in a typical home. Things like a refrigerator, security system,  and water pump are considered necessary.

When you plan to use various extension cords and other techniques to power all of your smaller, more general equipment (because who wants to go more than a few hours without WiFi, anyway? More energy generation is required.

Our recommendation of 15,000 watts is more than adequate to power your complete home for an extended period of time should the need arise.

Is a diesel or gas generator preferable?

Rechargeable generators typically run on batteries, so if you value reliability above all else, a gas-powered engine is your best pick. It depends, as both gas and diesel have their advantages and disadvantages.

Diesel vehicles are typically more economical than gas-powered ones since they can travel farther while using less fuel. Therefore, you should expect them to cost more and take up more room in your home.

Although gas-powered generators will be more compact and less expensive to purchase, they will also be noisy and more difficult to maintain. We recommend diesel or propane, but we understand that not everyone has those kinds of funds available. Make an effort to shop intelligently!

Why is my generator so loud?

However, generators are notoriously loud. Our number one piece of advice is to put your gen-set as far away from your main house as you can, so you can sleep through as much of the rumbling as possible.

To keep costs down, manufacturers often skimp on noise-canceling features, so budget models tend to be louder than their more expensive counterparts. If you have the means to do so, upgrading to a larger, more powerful model may be helpful.

If you don't have the time or inclination to learn the necessary skills to construct your own soundproofing system for your gen-set, you can always buy one.


We hope this article was helpful in your quest to locate a 15000 W generator. Because of the high cost of these generators, thorough research is essential prior to purchase. 

And I found the best 15000 watt generator is DuroMax XP15000E

To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, it is imperative that you read the generator's handbook in its entirety and familiarise yourself with all of its features, specifications, and maintenance schedules.

You should become quite comfortable with operating your 15kw generator as it carries greater responsibility than smaller conventional generators.This generator buying guide should have given you a good notion of which generator would be ideal for your needs.