GenerLink Approved States

Many people support GenerLink, an innovative replacement for the conventional generator transmission switch. Customers frequently ask us, "In what states is it permissible to use a GenerLink?". 

In this post, you will get everything about GenerLink and GenerLink approved states. 

The installation of the GenerLink is legal in every state; however, it is up to the discretion of each power company to decide whether or not they will permit the device to be installed in the service region of a particular customer.

What exactly is GenerLink

GenerLink is a tool that replaces manual transfer switches, letting you connect a portable generator to your home's electric system. It's installed behind your electric meter and sends power to your generator's breaker box, so you don't need cords running through your house. If you add Bluetooth, you'll get notifications when the utility power returns. It's a small, weatherproof box attached to your home's outside and connected to the electric meter's base. With an internal circuit breaker, GenerLink switches your home's power from the utility to the generator if the power goes out.

What exactly is GenerLink - WireQuality

GenerLink offers an easy, automatic way to get backup power during an outage. It senses when power is lost and switches from the utility company to the generator for you. It works with many portable generators and is quick to install. If you're not comfortable with electrical work, ask a trained electrician for help. Most people can install it with basic knowledge and safety measures. It's cheaper than a traditional Automatic Transfer Switch and has a simpler installation process. With GenerLink, you can safely and automatically connect a portable generator to your home's electrical system without needing a manual transfer switch, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for emergency power.

Companies Authorized to Provide Power Through GenerLink

In simpler words, GenerLink can be used in any state. However, it's up to your electric company to allow it. Physical limits might also be based on your generator and whether it works with GenerLink. So, even though all states approve GenerLink, the power company has the final say on whether you can use it or not.

GenerLink Approved States : FAQ

In the image below, you can see that GenerLink is allowed in many states. In this part, we'll try to answer some common questions. So let's begin.

GenerLink Approved States

Is the installation of a GenerLink possible by a homeowner?

Trained experts should only install GenerLink. And only try to set it up if you have permission from your local electric company.

How can I find out if my power company has authorized my use of GenerLink?

You have to send an email to info [at] globalpowerproducts [dot] com and give them your position as well as the name of your electrical provider. They will reply to your email and let you know whether or not your supplier supports using GenerLink.

To find out if your electric company allows GenerLink, email info[at]globalpowerproducts[dot]com with your location and provider's name. They'll tell you if it's supported. Getting info directly from them is best since GenerLink has many great benefits. Emailing GenerLink ensures you get the most up-to-date answer, as things can change.

How much GenerLink Cost?

GenerLink is a helpful tool that helps connect a generator to your house safely. The price depends on the type and features you choose. Generally, it can cost between $600 and $900. Remember that this amount may not cover installation fees so that you could pay extra for a professional. To find the exact cost, look up online retailers or contact a nearby GenerLink dealer. Remember to consider your specific needs while selecting a suitable model.

How much GenerLink Cost

Who sets up GenerLink?

Installing GenerLink is quick, taking about 20 minutes, and the customer doesn't have to be there. Authorized utility workers handle the setup. They easily put GenerLink behind the customer's electric meter, and no rewiring of the home's electrical system is needed.

Who should install GenerLink if it's allowed?

Only a skilled electrician should set up GenerLink. Talk to your power company (if they let you use GenerLink) and ask if they can do the installation. It's safer and more reassuring if they handle it. Changing your home's power source can be very dangerous and even deadly for those working on the power line. That's why most power companies prefer to do the installation themselves.

Does DTE allow GenerLink ?

DTE Energy is an electric utility company in Michigan. To find out if they allow GenerLink, you should contact them directly. You can call their customer service or check their website for information. They will inform you if GenerLink is permitted and any guidelines you must follow. It's essential to get their approval before using GenerLink to avoid any problems.

Is GenerLink approved in Florida?

GenerLink is approved in all the states. To double-check, contact your local electric company to see if it's approved in Florida. You can call them or visit their website. They'll tell you if GenerLink is allowed and share any rules you must follow. Remember to ask them first to prevent any issues later on.

Where is it not possible to use GenerLink?

After contacting GenerLink and several power companies from different areas. Here's what we found out in Summer of 2022:

  • First Energy in Northeast Ohio: Not allowed
  • PG&E in Northern California: Not allowed
  • Oncor in Dallas: Not allowed
  • Centerpoint in Houston: Not allowed
  • ComEd in Chicago: Not allowed

But please check with GenerLink again, as things have changed since then.

Can you tell me how I can check if my generator will work with the GenerLink system?

To check if your generator works with the GenerLink system, you can visit the GenerLink website and look for their "Compatible Generator Guide." This guide lists generators that are known to work with the system. Make sure to have your generator's make and model handy when checking the compatibility. If you're still unsure, you can also contact GenerLink's customer support or your generator's manufacturer for further assistance.

Should I use GenerLink even though the power company where I live hasn't approved it?

GenerLink and energy company

If you have checked with your utility provider and determined that they do not permit GenerLink use, we cannot advise you to use it. It's possible that the electricity company would never find out about it, but abiding by the rules is something we highly recommend doing for safety reasons.

Summary of GenerLink Approved States

If you want to connect a portable generator to your home's electrical system without a manual switch, you can use a device called GenerLink. It works with many electric meters and utility panels and is compatible with various portable generators. It's easier and cheaper than a standard switch, as it doesn't require changing your home's wiring. GenerLink has a circuit breaker and safety features to prevent electricity from accidentally going back into the utility grid. You can power your whole house or specific circuits with a generator, depending on the system's setup. GenerLink helps keep your family safe and comfortable during power outages by quickly and affordably connecting a portable generator to your home's electrical system.


You'll need a crucial accessory if you're buying a backup generator for your home —a transfer Switch. The Generlink is cheaper, easier to install, and lies on top of the electric meter.

If you notice anything missing from this GenerLink approved states guide or have suggestions for additional content, please let us know below. Not only will it be valuable to us, but to other people as well.

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