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How to convert Btu to Watts

How to convert BTU to Watts

Sometimes, it is necessary to convert BTU/hr (British thermal unit) into Watts. There are many online calculators that can convert this formula for you, but it is still helpful to understand the procedure and the relationship between BTU/hr to Watts.

It is essential to know how to convert BTU/hr to Watts, as this is an old non-SI measurement system that is still widely used around the globe.

What is the equivalent of 1000 Watts in BTU?

In 1000 Watts, there are 3412.141633 billion tonnes of oil per hour.

What is the difference between 1000 watts of BTU and 1000 watts? A thousand BTU will raise one degree Fahrenheit from a pound of water. How much power does your heating and air conditioning systems require?

Divide each number by 3 and multiply it by 5000 to convert between the units. For an exact answer, multiply 0.92 by the result.

What is 2000W in BTU

2000W equals 6824.283266 BTU/hr.

BTU is an energy unit. 

One thousand watts equals 3412 BTU/h. 

 An average incandescent light consumes between 40 and 100 watts.

How to Convert Ton to KW - Ton to KW Formula

What is 200W in BTU and what does it mean?

200W equals 682.4283266 BTU/hr.

What is 8000W in BTU and what does it mean?

The 8000W equals 27297.133064 BTU/hr.

What's a BTU/hr?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. One BTU equals one degree Fahrenheit.

The technical unit of measurement used to measure the power of cooling and heating systems is the BTU/hr.

What is BTU per hour

What's a Watt?

One Watt is the unit of energy transfer. And a Watt is one joule per second.

Can a 5,000 BTU air conditioner be operated by a 4,000 watt generator?

An air conditioner of that size will, of course, be a 120v machine and so will require a 20 amp breaker in a home. In other words, 120 volts multiplied by 20 amps equals 2400 watts. Your generator shouldn't overheat in this setting.

Will a 2,000 watt generator run a 10,000 BTU AC?

One of the window air conditioners that quickly comes up in a search for 10,000 BTU/hr is rated at 890 watts. 

If you don't overload your 2,000-watt generator with too many other appliances,  you can run your 900-watt air conditioner.

The Formula

1 BTU/hr = 0.293710702 Watts

1 Watt = 3.4121416331 BTU/hr

Convert from BTU/hr To Watts

BTU/hr = Watts

Convert from Watts to BTU/hr

Watts x 3.42121416331 = BTU/hr

BTU to Watts - How do you calculate

You can use the formulas above and input the BTU/hr, or Watts (or even Tons to Btu) into the recipe. Then, do the math.

formulas for BTU

These are just a few examples.

Find out how many Watts are in 200 BTU/hr.

200 BTU/hr = 58.61421404 Watts

Answer: 58.614211404 watts

Find out the BTU/hr for 200 Watts

200 Watts x 3.41121416331 = 682.2832662 BTU/hr

Answer: 682.42832662 BTU/hr


It helps to understand Generator fuel consumption in a better way.

Although it might seem easier to convert using online converters, it's just as fast and sometimes even faster to use these formulas to calculate the values from your smartphone. If you're really ambitious, you can also use a pencil and paper to do the calculations.

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