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How to Convert Ton to KW

Do you want to know how to convert Ton into KW? 

Before converting tons to kilowatts, you will need to know how many tons make up a kilowatt. I've already explained about Tons to Btu, and this guide is about How to Convert Ton to KW.

This conversion will help you to decide the best generator for your home.

Let's get started.

What's a Ton

One unit of power is a ton. It refers to the power needed to melt or freeze a small ton (2000 pounds) of ice in one day.

The most common use of the ton is in the context of refrigeration and air conditioning.

A KW, on the other hand, is the SI unit for power. This unit describes power output from machines, heaters, and engines worldwide.

Let's now discuss how to convert refrigeration ton into KW. Continue reading.

Ton to KW Formula

1 Ton equals 3.5168528421 power, KW according to the ton-to-KW conversion table.

To convert KW into tons, it is important to use 1 kW equal to 0.2843451361 refrigeration unit.

Let's say we want to convert 10 tons to KW.

Ten refrigeration ton=10 x 3.5168528421 Kw, which is 35.168528421 KW.

How to Convert Ton to KW - Ton to KW Formula

Convert 1 Ton to KW

You are converting tons (refrigeration) to KW is easy, as you've just discovered. You can search your browser for the formula and the conversion tables to find simplified results. Simply enter the number you wish to convert and hit the "convert" button.

Convert 1.5 tonnes to KW

One ton equals 3.5168525 KW, and 1 KW equals 0.28434517 Ton (RT), so the power per KW is equal to the power per tons (refrigeration) times 3.5168525.W

Example: Convert 1.5 refrigeration tons into KW

1 ton= 3.5168525

1.5 ton=?

So 1.5 ton x 3.568525 = 5.27527875 KW.


You know a lot about conversions, so it is easy to find the answer to any conversion you need.

It's easy to find the right answer with the many online tools.

How to Convert Ton to KW

We often use the unit ton for mass measurement, but we sometimes forget about the "ton" of refrigeration that can be used to measure power.

How many KW are in a ton of steel?

To make it easier to compare with different products using the non-standard measurement units, the appliance industry uses a ton of refrigerants.

To see how much energy we are using daily, it is necessary to convert the refrigeration displayed on our appliances into kW.

A ton is equal to 3,5168525kW. However, not all devices only use 1-ton AC. We need to find out how tons of refrigeration are converted to kW.

1 Ton to KW converter

A ton is a refrigeration unit that, as we have already said, is designed specifically for customer convenience.

It doesn't represent any new physical value. Therefore, its conversion to kW is done directly by a formula.

Depending on whether you want tons to KW or tons to kW, you can use either one of these formulas.

1 RT (ton = 3,5168525kW) (multiply the KW with the number of refrigeration tons) to convert more than one ton.

1 kW = 0.28434517RT (ton).

What is the KW of a Four Ton AC?

In a 4 ton AC, there are 14.06741 KW.

It is not easy to answer the question, "How many KW does a four-ton air conditioner use?" It depends on the make, model, and frequency of operation, but it is safe to say that a 4-ton air conditioner will consume approximately 14,000 Watts. KW, which measures cooling capacity, is derived using the wattage from an incandescent bulb.

How to Convert Ton to KW - What is the KW of a Four Ton AC

What is the power of a three-ton AC unit?

In a 3 ton AC, there are 10.5505575 KW.

A three-ton air conditioner in the United States can move 36 000 BTUs an hour. It can cool down to 1 800 square feet. It is available in the south but also in the northeast and Midwest. A three-ton unit can cool approximately 3500 watts an hour.

Convert cooling to electrical kW

Appliances are not the only way to cool your home.

It is estimated that most of the energy goes to waste, and only 284.33 Watts (from the 1 kW) do the job.

This formula can convert cooling kW into electrical kW: 1 cooling kW equals 0,284.33 electric KW.


It is essential to distinguish between the different applications of the measurement ton.

We use ton refrigeration when we speak about energy. This is because it makes our lives simpler by not dealing with non-specific energy measurement units such as kW.

However, if we have to convert tons of refrigeration into kW, the above formula can be used and done effortlessly!

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