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tons to btu

Tons to Btu (Easy & Quick Guide)

Tons to Btu Overview

 And In this easy guide I will explain about Tons to BTU in simple words.

One unit of power is called a ton. It is the energy required to melt or freeze 2000 pounds of ice each day. This calculation can be done using Tons to Btu.

A ton is currently used in North America for refrigeration and air conditioning. It is often displayed with Btu/h specifications. Also it helps you buy portable generator or your whole house generator.

The British Thermal Unit/Hour is an American customary system unit for power. It refers to the heat required to raise 1 pound of water by 1 F.

I have already shared with you the different phases of generator and this guide is all about Tons to Btu.

Tons of BTU - What are the 4 Tons of BTU

What are the 4 Tons of BTU?

4 tons have 48 000 BTU/h.

We think of the modern air conditioner when we speak about air conditioning. Before that, air conditioning was used to cool buildings using ice from rivers and lakes.

Green Homes America reported that the Hudson River Ice Crop of 1890 was 4,000,000 tons. That's less than four tons per hour. This cooling capacity is equivalent to a 4-ton air conditioner.

Btu to tons heating

Heating units cannot be calculated in tons like Alternative Current (AC) units. Heating capacity is measured in Btu output per hour. AC = 12,000 Btu/h = 1 tonne

Tons to BTU formula

Here's how to convert refrigeration tons into Btu/h. This is the Ton to BTU conversion formula:

1 ton = 12,000 BTU/h

1 Btu/h = 8.3333x10-5 refrigeration tons (RT).

The power (P) in Btu/h equals 12,000 times that of refrigeration tons

Thus, P(Btu/h = 1200 xP(RT)


Convert 3 RT into Btu/h

P(Btu/h = 1200 x2(RT) = 36000 U/h

Btu per Ton air conditioner

Calculate the Btu power of your air conditioner and divide it by 12,000.

12,000 Btus equals the heat generated by an air conditioner capable of melting one ton of ice per day. This is called a refrigeration ton.

tons to btu - Btu per Ton air conditioner

Look at the label or packaging of the air conditioner to determine the BTU rating.

The value of a refrigeration unit is expressed in thousands — for example, 20,000 BTU or 5K BTU. Divide the BTU rating by 12,000 to calculate the refrigeration tonnage.

It is possible to reduce the solution by as much as a third. A 5,000 BTU air conditioner is equivalent to 5/12 tons of cooling power.

What is the equivalent of 24,000 BTU?

The term "BTU" is a common term used to describe air conditioners. What does this mean?

It is mentioned in the product name and description. Although it is essential, it is not apparent why.

Let's see why this matters in this article.

What is BTU?

BTU is the acronym for British Thermal Unit. This unit can be used to measure heat and thermal energy.

It is simply the energy required to bring 1 pound of water up to 1 degree Fahrenheit at ocean level.

This measurement is used to determine the efficiency of air conditioners and how fast they can perform their job.

This is done by measuring the BTU of an air conditioner per hour.

Refrigeration Ton (TR)

One unit of power is a ton of refrigeration or TR. It refers to the energy required to melt or freeze 2000 pounds. This is also called a short ton of ice per day.

What measurement is it?

The North American region is well-known for its use of a ton of refrigeration, particularly concerning refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

The unit is frequently shown with the hourly BTU specifications.

Converting BTU into Tons

A ton refers to a mass-related unit. The refrigeration unit used to make a ton is approximately 12,000 BTU/hour or 3.5 kilowatts.

Let's try to understand with some examples -

36,000 BTU to Tons
36,000 BTU/h equals 3 refrigeration tons (RT).
18,000 BTU to Tons
18,000 BTU/h equals 1.5 refrigeration tons (RT).
10,000 BTU to Tons
10,000 BTU/h equals 0.83333333333 refrigeration tonnes (RT).

These are demonstrations of how to convert British Thermal Units into Refrigeration Tons.

The BTU of an air conditioner is necessary to consider when choosing which unit to purchase. It determines how efficiently the unit performs


Your air conditioner's cooling capacity is determined by its tonnage and how much Btu it consumes.

You need to check it before looking for your deciding your generator size

These units are crucial in determining which type of air conditioner is best for your home based on its size.

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