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Who makes predator generators

Harbor Freight Tools, located in the United States, manufactures Predator generators. 

Predator is a line of Generators to use gas more effectively and thus generate cleaner energy. In the US, Harbor Feight shops offer them for sale. 

No matter your opinion of clone items, there's no denying that Predator engines have created quite a controversy in recent years. 

However, some of the models in the lineup have a contentious image due to claims that they are knockoffs of more costly Honda models.

We'll also be analyzing whether they're genuine Honda clones, plus examining the stats of their most successful engine.

The bold challenge of a more prominent, well-established firm has left a bitter impression in the minds of many. This post will dive deep into Predator engines' secret production process. 

Let's begin.

Predator Generators and Engines

One of the primary reasons why Predator Engines are so contentious is their somewhat opaque history.

If you're here, you're likely wondering who manufactures these products and where. Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward response to this inquiry.

generators and engines

Who Makes Predator Generators and Engine ?

Let's begin by looking at the facts - who created the Predator Engines?" 

The Lifan Group, a Chinese company, was the former manufacturer of these engines. 

They had the authorization to peddle their wares in China, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. The goods they manufactured featured: 

- Business Automobiles

- Cruise in Comfort with Passenger Cars

- Revving Up With Powerful Dirt Bike Engines 

- Motorcycles 

- Athletic Footwear 

When the Lifan Group was producing their Predator engines, they manufactured them in China and dispatched them around the globe. 

What should we do at this moment? Let's uncover the enigmatic techniques of the Harbor Freight business. 

What Are the Most Sought Predator Engine and Gen Models?

You have two choices for this category - the 2000 Generator and the 212cc engine.

This model of the 2000 Generator has earned itself a reputation as extremely quiet and incredibly compact. These items are secure to use and can even provide power for delicate transportable electronics. 

The Predator 212cc Engine is a controversial topic, yet it remains one of their most desired engines.

This engine has raised eyebrows because it has been marketed as a Honda mimic. According to reports, this engine can do an equally good job as its competitors, but at a lower cost and without the need for costly premium fuel. 

These products boast many positive reviews and are often sold out due to popular demand.

What country produces Predator engines?

Numerous publications have claimed that The Lifan Group no longer manufactures Prediors Engines. The Group has not stopped operating, but it was claimed that they either sold their rights or started a lesser business to carry on producing engines. 

Confusion arises because a sizable American store that previously carried Predator Engines now appears to be also producing the engines. Harbor Freight is the name of this organization. 

In 1977, a chain of tool superstores called Harbor Freight was established in California. They can give their clients a reduced price because they buy their instruments straight from the maker, which is their unique selling proposition. 

Do I have the option of swapping the engine in my Honda with a Predator 212cc?

If you're looking to replace your Honda engine, you can install a Predator 212cc for a full swap. A car or cart can be fitted with the Predator in the same manner. 

This Predator 212cc engine is designed for efficiency, featuring ball-bearing mounted construction and overhead valves for improved gas-saving capabilities. Using this modern technology makes the engine run more efficiently and cleaner than the typical gasoline-powered engine. The popularity of Predator engines has led to many people choosing to replace the engine of their car/cart with it.

Is the Predator engine a Honda clone?

Portable generators are the battleground where the two biggest competitors, Predator and Honda.

Both companies are utilizing generators built to last, super efficient, incredibly durable, and ridiculously easy to transport and start-up.

Although Predator engines are the greatest opponents of Honda, they are not merely copies of the latter. The 212cc Predator engine shares several traits with the Honda GX200 engine. Although they are not identical, they are still distinct individuals.

Both brands' engines share some features, while others are entirely distinct.

Regarding similarities, both Honda and Predator engines boast similar fuel efficiency, power supply, and power output. Both brands' units demonstrate strong performance and create efficient energy.

Despite being more expensive, predator inverters are built with excellent durability and operate with remarkable quietness.

Do Predator generators have any drawbacks?

Using a Predator generator is generally not associated with any major issues. Customers often experience issues due to the ill-conceived design of the oil gate. Customers struggle to access predator units with oil gates situated beneath the engine, even when armed with an extended funnel.

Is it a Honda engine that drives the generator that's being used by the Predator?

There is absolutely no way that the Predator can be compared to the Honda. Despite the fact that they are identical in appearance and substance, they cannot be compared in terms of either price or quality due to significant differences.

How reliable are generators made in China?

The quality of diesel generators made in China, similar to the quality of diesel generators made in other countries, can differ. 

While some Chinese diesel generators are of excellent quality and provide excellent value for the money, others may have components of lesser quality, limited guarantee coverage, and reduced performance and efficiency. 

Is it possible to use Honda parts on Predator engines?

Some parts are compatible with the Predator engines with and without the Hemi designation. The two engines are incompatible with one another in terms of other components. 

When attempting to purchase parts, the process is made more complicated because some of the Honda parts suit these engines while others do not.

Do Predator Generators Live Up To Expectations?

Predator generators are truly immense, unfathomably powerful, and deliver truly incredible amounts of energy.

Its use of a powerful engine which has been employed for an incredibly long period of time makes repairs both swift and cost-effective.

No matter if you are a self-disciplined expert utilizing the potency of your tools by setting up a secure fortress or revving up the batteries of your RV, this could be a decent option.

Do Predator Generators command a hefty price tag?

Predator Generators of good quality are easy to find and are not expensive.

Three options really stand out. No matter how alike the machine may be, the setup and electrical system are appropriate for different purposes.

Considering the awe-inspiring power of Predator generators, it's remarkable how easily accessible they are.

For an off-platform application, it may be prudent to select something with a proven track record of dependability. And no matter what, those who find themselves occasional users will find great motivation in these models.

Is there any warranty of Predator generators and engines?

The Predator generators sold by Harbor Freight Tools come with a 90-day assurance that ensures you'll get a product that's free of any flaws.

The emission control device in your new Predator generator is covered by a two-year guarantee, included in your purchase price.

The manufacturer's warranty will be fulfilled as long as the generator and motor have not been mistreated or neglected.

The distinction between a Honda generator and a predator generator.

Honda EU2200i's 121cc motor is much larger than the Predator 2000's 79.7cc unit. The Honda EU2200i, which has a running wattage of 1,800 W, can charge more electronics and equipment than the 1,600-Watt Predator 2000.

The predator's reservoir is a full gallon, while the Honda's is just 0.95 gallons.

There is an oil level indicator lamp and a gasoline level gauge on each model to let you know if the machine has shut down due to a lack of fuel.

Choose a Predator Generator: Dos and Don'ts

Who Makes Predator Generators

Discovering the right predator generator for your requirements is a matter of learning which features most benefit your particular needs.

The same durable substance is used in the building of all predator generators. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that no predator makers pose any health risks to their users.

To be sure, there are numerous distinguishing characteristics, and it is these that should guide your final selection.

Your Need

The first thing to consider when looking to acquire a dependable generator should be this. 

Choose the device to activate and give these gadgets extra strength. Increase the power of the generator so that it exceeds the total output.

Safety Features

Ensure that the Predator generator operates securely. Protect yourself and safeguard your powered gadgets simultaneously. 

 Ensure you get a solid base, an automatic switch-off and safety limits, and other features to ensure dependable performance.


When you purchase a Predator generator, the portability factor allows you to use it wherever you require it to meet multiple energy needs. So, verify the dimensions and heft of the generator.

It is preferable to go for a compact yet powerful generator, and not too heavy. If the generator you require is of significant size, be sure to have a wheelset that is easy to use.   


Wattage is a measurement of how much work the machine can do. 

A greater wattage causes the generator to operate at a higher rate. The power output of the generator you'll require is variable. 

Using it exclusively at home means that a power of 2500-6500W is adequate. Offices, on the other hand, require electricity with a rating higher than 10,000W.


Does the generator offer an affordable option when it comes to fuel? Before buying a unit, another question needs to be answered. 

Hence, only opt for generators that use extra and accessible fuel. Propane, natural gas, and diesel are all viable fuel sources to consider.

Generator or Invertor

Before you do anything else, you need to decide if you want a regular generator or an inverter.

Generators that have been used for a long time are strong, heavy, and can run for a long time.

Inverter generators are cheaper, but they are heavier, have less power, and make less noise.

To decide between the two, you should look at how long a generator can run and how many devices it can power.

Sound Intensity

Which generator noise level would you prefer to purchase? Can you tolerate the sound the generator creates when it's running? When buying a predator generator, here are some questions you should ensure you have the answers to. 

Ensure that the volume is sufficient without causing a disturbance to nearby households. For optimal Predator performance, consider purchasing one at a price that reflects the features you wish to include. 

Special Features - Predator engines and generators

Many characteristics put Predator engines and generators apart from the rest of the market.

Each Predator generator, for instance, is equipped with CO secure technology, which disables the machine immediately upon detecting potentially dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide.

In addition, Predator generators have electronic start features that make it simple to initiate power production whenever needed.

An Electronic Speed Control setting is available on select Predator generators that improve the effectiveness and longevity of the Predator engines.

In addition, some versions feature a 1-1/4-inch steel roll cage for added protection, which is invaluable if you intend to use your portable generator in harsh circumstances.


When searching for a portable generator, you will find a wide variety of options to choose from. In the end, though, a Predator generator is a safe bet. The Lifan Group, a Chinese company, was the former manufacturer of these engines. 

The Predator motors that power these generators are powerful, dependable, and long-lasting, and they come at a reasonable price.

You can find a Predator generator that works for your requirements, whether you need one for an emergency at home, a camping excursion, work, RV travel, or anything else.

An outstanding return on investment can be expected if you choose a Predator generator as your portable power source.

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